Adult chat line phone numbers in uk

06-Sep-2017 03:38

This means that you could be dialling a premium rate number without knowing it by connecting through these digits.Typically, fraudsters will give you a missed call or leave message getting you to call them back via one of these numbers, and can run up bills in excess of £100.However, unlike 0800 numbers, they carry a small charge for mobile phone and landline users.

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You can find more information on 070 numbers through the Action Fraud website.08 numbers are now completely free of charge to dial from any handset, landline or mobile.Ofcom confirmed the move in 2015, after numerous complaints listing them as ‘freephone’ but still costing mobile users by the minute.The most common uses for premium rate numbers in the UK include adult services, gambling, competitions, quizzes and directory enquiries.

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However, you should always be aware of any number you are dialling, especially through your mobile phone - as premium rate phone numbers can still cost you a lot more than expected.These numbers are listed as business rate, with service charges varying from 0p-7p per minute.