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After a long period of construction, the churches were finished in the then-current manner about the 11th and 12th centuries and in Romanesque style, on the site of the pre-Romanesque buildings of the Visigothic period.The church of Santa Maria contains outstanding works of art, and there are murals dating from the Romanesque period to the Gothic.After the Catholic Reconquista of the region in the tenth century, the see was not restored, its territory being incorporated in the (mother) diocese of Barcelona.Why a request to restore the bishopric by its Metropolitan of Tarragona, Cesareo, wasn't honored by Pope John XII (955-964) is unclear.

The first, operated by RENFE, connects with Barcelona and Lleida, and the second, operated by FGC, with Barcelona.

The episcopal see of Ègara already existed by about 450 CE, when it was established on territory split off from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Barcelona, under the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Tarragona.

Pope Hilarius confirmed its autonomy be denying a request around 469 to unite it with the Barcelona under its own first bishop, Ireneus.

Recently FGC extended its line to the north of the city, building three new stations; one of them acts as a rail hub with the RENFE line. Several interurban bus lines connect Terrassa with the closest cities and towns such as Sabadell, Castellar del Vallès, Martorell, Rubí, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Vacarisses.

Transport inside the city is provided by 14 bus lines operated by a municipal company (Transports Municipals d'Ègara).It effectively succumbed to the Arab (Muslim) conquest in the 8th century and was probably suppressed, its territory being (rather nominally) returned to the Diocese of Barcelona.