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“So she wore sports bras-never a regular bra-and big t-shirts because she wanted to hide it,” her mother will later say. “I was in overalls and a ponytail, and they were telling me I couldn’t go out there and sing because it would make boys lust.” October 1996Jessica is voted homecoming queen her junior year at J. Pearce in Richardson, her second consecutive year to win the honor. March 1999Jessica is the opening act on the 98 Degrees “Heat It Up” tour. Also I was scared that the girls thought that I was dating one of the guys and would throw something.” As it happens, Jessica is dating Nick Lachey, a member of the boy band.She leaves high school before her senior year to pursue her musical career. “After our prayer time I felt a little more at ease,” she writes in her online diary. Once public, the relationship will be a constant source of speculation, gossip, and adoration for their fans. 20, 1999Jessica no longer opens for 98 Degrees and instead moves up to tour with Ricky Martin. 8, 1999At Madison Square Garden, while straining to hit a high note, Jessica splits her pants and tearfully walks off stage.1994Buster Soaries, a guest speaker at a church camp, hears 13-year-old Jessica sing and immediately signs her to his Proclaim Records gospel label.She works on her album for three years, but the New Jersey studio goes out of business before its completion.Originally cast in the PG-13 film, she backed out for moral reasons when producers refused to remove a sex scene. 8, 2000Jessica wins Breakout Artist and Best Love Song (“Where You Are”) at the Teen Choice Awards.She’s also nominated for Female Artist and Female Hottie. 14, 2000Jessica appears on , which causes controversy among her fans. What used to be a Christian paradigm with high hopes of succeeding in the music industry has in very little time managed to hang up her guns, hike up her t-shirts, and hit the tanning bed to sell more records and become the exact type of puppet the media promotes.” March 2001Redken, the hair products company, launches a new ad campaign with Jessica as its star.

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July 31, 2000Jessica does not attend the New York premiere of .After watching 12-year-old Christina Aguilera’s audition, a flustered Jessica forgets her lyrics and loses to Aguilera and 11-year-old Britney Spears.Jessica will later credit this failure for providing the motivation to take singing and acting lessons.Now, a producer who worked on the MTV series is speaking out about what the real culprit was that came between Lachey and Simpson.

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Turns out, it's a lot simpler (and less salacious) than the tabloids suggested in 2005.producer Sue Kolinsky, the thing that really drove these one-time sweethearts apart was the fact that they were just so different.May 13, 2000Of Jessica’s performance at the Wango Tango 2000 Concert, the says, “Simpson€¦lost points for the blatant sexual tease of her dancing and outfit (skin-tight silver reflective pants made her look like an anorexic disco ball).” June 2, 2000Performing at radio station Z100’s Zootopia Concert, Jessica again has trouble with her pants.