Dating someone recently widowed

19-Jun-2017 12:25

It's common for new widows to wonder if they will become "bag ladies," even if they've got plenty of money.

A very common question of new widows is "will I have enough?

Widowhood is a heartbreaking event that happens to almost 1 million women each year. That means there are many years ahead to be responsible for household financial decisions.

My 60th birthday was just a month before my husband passed. Making matters more complicated, the death of a spouse unleashes a deluge of financial tasks.

Unscrupulous financial salespeople may take advantage of women after their spouse dies.

My elderly widowed aunt was sold Iraqi dinars by "a nice young man who was the nephew of my friend from church." That financial wolf convinced her to buy the Iraq currency.

Some widows can benefit by speaking with a financial advisor about their situation.

This qualified professional can be a "thinking partner," helping you make decisions—someone who listens with empathy and respect, whom you trust. Women may be approached by family members asking for part of their inheritance early.