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He pulls away abruptly and juts his chin toward the rows of railway benches. "Go be a badass."This story has multiple inductions: Lunala, Solgaleo, Necrozma, and Marshadow being officially inducted into the group of Legendary Pokemon, and the humans Sun and Moon being inducted into the Alolan Hall of Fame.

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As always, solutions and resolutions are included in the story... AU - Alex has lived with her foster parent, Desi, for 5 years.

As soon as she says it, he begins to transform right before her eyes. His voice is scratchy and carries a timber that is low and gruff from going so long without having to speak.

"You brought me back." A reversed Stiles and Malia story."Is this the part where you tell me to be careful? Stiles shakes his head and reaches out to cup her cheek, "I love you," he says, before leaning in to kiss her achingly slow.

What if Barry had run fast enough to save the city, but not fast enough to be launched backward in time?

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Cisco dies, and in the aftermath, Caitlin and Barry have to deal with their grief and the consequences.This is the story of what their life was like, and what they did before fate intervened and their world changed[Act 2] "There was a mass breakout from Arkham late last night." Batman's voice rang out from the comm device Nightwing held up for he and Red Hood to hear.

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