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In regards to the 2016 presidential race, Black Thought didn't share who he would be voting for, but he did comment on how disconcerting it's been thus far."I will say that it's a circus, the sort of thing that you would only see in a movie.Pennsbury High is known for throwing insane proms, earning them the label ... John Mayer and rapper Asher Roth have both performed in the past.

A decade ago today, I sat at my kitchen table on my pink Dell laptop in my new hometown of suburban Colorado Springs and I started writing a new blogspot called “I Am Fuel, You Are Friends,” named after a favorite Pearl Jam song.Check out the full video above where they also talk about the upcoming Nina Simone documentary, Michelle Obama showing off her lyrical skills, and what they have planned musically in the near future.Questlove and "Jersey Shore" alum Pauly D are teaming up to make sure a PA high school prom is lit like Vegas on a Saturday night because they're BOTH hitting the decks.I never thought more than a handful of people would read it, but I had things I wanted to say that were withering in the silence of my kitchen. For me, for music, for you, even though I didn’t know you yet. You’ve all been the best part of that long road, hands down.

These last few weeks as the leaves change in Colorado, I’ve been listening to a lot of the new Josh Ritter album, Sermon On The Rocks.But it's really happening." Questlove also gave Obama props for an unexpected phrase he used during a recent speech at the G20 summit in Turkey.