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Daat Emet on The Secular Jew’s Place in Halacha in which you will find that the truth is not at all pretty.Halacha’s view of secular Jews is as criminals who must be excommunicated and thrown out of the Jewish community, and whose rights to participate in the community’s ceremonies or pray to G-d must be revoked!Classical Talmudic commentaries were written by Rashi.After Rashi the Tosafot were written, which was an omnibus commentary on the Talmud by the disciples and descendants of Rashi; this commentary was based on discussions done in the rabbinic academies of Germany and France.

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People: Isaac Israeli ben Solomon, Saadia Gaon, David ben Merwan al-Mukkamas, Hasdai ibn Shaprut, Chananel ben Chushiel, Nissim Ben Jacob, Samuel ibn Naghrela, Isaac Alfasi, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Abraham bar Ḥiyya, Joseph ibn Migash, Natan'el al-Fayyumi, Bahya ibn Paquda, Yehuda Halevi, Hibat Allah Abu'l-Barakat al-Baghdaadi, Abraham ibn Daud, Maimonides, Joseph ben Judah of Ceuta, Shem-Tov ibn Falaquera, Gersonides, Moses of Narbonne, Isaac ben Sheshet Perfet, Hasdai ben Judah Crescas, Yosef Albo, Mansur ibn Sulayman al-Ghamari, Moses ben Isaac ha-Levi Minz, Elia del Medigo, Judah ben Eliezer ha-Levi Minz, Yitzhak ben Yehuda ben Shmuel Abravanel al-Daudi, Yehuda ben Yitzhak Abravanel al-Daudi, Francisco Sanches, Uriel da Costa, Moses Almosnino People: Rashi, Baruch Spinoza, Salomon Maimon, Joseph Solomon Delmedigo, Elijah Ba'al Shem of Chelm, Eliezer ben Elijah Ashkenazi, Tzvi Hirsch ben Yaakov Ashkenazi, Jacob Emden, Samuel Hirsch, Samson Raphael Hirsch, Jacob Abendana, Isaac Fernando Cardoso, David Nieto, Isaac Orobio de Castro, Moses Mendelssohn, Samuel David Luzzatto, Elijah Benamozegh, Moses Hess, Eliezer Berkovits, Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler, Daniel Rynhold, Monsieur Chouchani, Emmanuel Levinas, Martin Buber, Gershom Scholem, Joseph Soloveitchik, David Hartman, Thomas Nagel, Jose Faur, Jacques Derrida, Hilary Putnam, Leo Strauss Position in Modern Judaism: Orthodox Judaism, Sephardic Judaism, Chabad, Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism, Jewish existentialism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Chassidic Theosophy, Holocaust theology, Jewish Renewal, Neo-Hasidism, Mussar movement, Rambamists Mekhilta de-Rabbi Yishmael (Exodus) Mekhilta de-Rabbi Shimon (Exodus) Sifra (Leviticus) Sifre (Numbers & Deuteronomy) Sifre Zutta (Numbers) Mekhilta le-Sefer Devarim (Deuteronomy) Baraita of Rabbi Ishmael —— Tannaitic —— Seder Olam Rabbah Alphabet of Akiba ben Joseph Baraita of the Forty-nine Rules Baraita on the Thirty-two Rules Baraita on Tabernacle Construction —— 400–600 —— Genesis Rabbah • Eichah Rabbah Pesikta de-Rav Kahana Esther Rabbah • Midrash Iyyov Leviticus Rabbah • Seder Olam Zutta Midrash Tanhuma • Megillat Antiochus —— 650–900 —— Avot of Rabbi Natan Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer Tanna Devei Eliyahu Alphabet of Ben-Sira Kohelet Rabbah • Canticles Rabbah Devarim Rabbah • Devarim Zutta Pesikta Rabbati • Midrash Shmuel Midrash Proverbs • Ruth Rabbah Baraita of Samuel • Targum sheni —— 900–1000 —— Ruth Zuta • Eichah Zuta Midrash Tehillim • Midrash Hashkem Exodus Rabbah • Canticles Zutta —— 1000–1200 —— Midrash Tadshe • Sefer ha Yashar —— Later —— Yalkut Shimoni • Yalkut Makiri Midrash Jonah • Ein Yaakov Midrash Ha Gadol • Numbers Rabbah Smaller midrashim —— Torah —— Targum Onkelos Targum Pseudo-Jonathan Fragment Targum • Targum Neofiti —— Nevi'im —— Targum Jonathan —— Ketuvim —— Targum Tehillim • Targum Mishlei Targum Iyyov Targum to the Five Megillot Targum Sheni to Esther Targum to Chronicles Rabbinic literature, in its broadest sense, can mean the entire spectrum of rabbinic writings throughout Jewish history.The term midrash also can refer to a compilation of Midrashic teachings, in the form of legal, exegetical, homiletical, or narrative writing, often configured as a commentary on the Bible or Mishnah.There are a large number of "classical" Midrashic works spanning a period from Mishnaic to Geonic times, often showing evidence of having been worked and reworked from earlier materials, and frequently coming to us in multiple variants.The unwillingness to recognize a non-orthodox viewpoint is so deep they deny the rationality of the secular world-view.

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“The seculars don’t really believe in their world-view,” say a thousand voices of religious Jewry.In the present situation, where secular people are the majority, the very mention of this “treatment” of faith criminals is impossible.

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