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WITH ILLUSTRATIONS "Moreover, he hath left you all his walks, his private arbours and new-planted orchards, on this side Tiber ; he hath left them you, and to your heirs for ever ; common pleasures, to walk abroad, and recreate your- selves. My object is to record anything 1 know of interest to the public, and especially to those who knew Rhodes, Khodesians more particularly, and to present Rhodes as a human document. It was undoubtedly from his brother Herbert, as Rhodes often said himself, that he first became imbued with his great ideas of acquiring the 8 EARLY DAYS IN KIMBERLEY [c H. He enlarged this licence, and actually published a Life in two volumes ; but no more than any other was this an authorized Life. Rhodes." PREFACE ix Others, again, who were associated with him closely in various things, and who did not ask him his reasons for his actions in affairs foreign to their particular business and to whom he did not volunteer information, gathered but a one-sided idea of his views. Cecil was much aggrieved at a friend of his father's holding up Herbert's death as a warning against drink. He was un- decided as to his future vocation ; and although he was at this time intended for the Church, he also attended a few terms at the Inner Temple. After a more or less uneventful school career he proceeded to Oriel College, Oxford. Once while she was staying at the Cape she pro- posed to come and stay at Groote Schuur whilst her brother was there, but he told me to write and decline the pleasure, remarking, "I'm very fond of my sister, and it would be very pleasant to have her here, but I am afraid the house is not big enough for the two of us !

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Part he presented to the public for a public square, and the remainder was mortgaged for some £70,000 shortly before his death, the money being required for the purchase of Dalham Hall and Denham, near Newmarket, the property of Sir Robert Affleck.

1913 CECIL RHODES THE MAN AND HIS WORK BY ONE OF HIS PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARIES GORDON LE SUEUR, F. In dealing with Rhodes's work I have necessarily had to refer to South African history and South African affairs which I hope will have interest for the general public, and in writing of his private life I have had to speak of myself a good deal, but I trust that any approach to egoism will be forgiven. Herbert was strongly inspired by the idea of expansion northwards that after- wards induced his brother to pass his hand over the map of Africa and say, *' Africa all Red ; that is my dream." Rhodes felt Herbert's death very keenly, and in after-years had a tombstone erected to his memory over his grave in Central Africa.

Many of the anecdotes will be recalled by others, and people not referred to by name will probably be identified. ii hinterland of the southern colonies for the British Empire.

i queathed to his family — that is, to his surviving brothers and sisters, with the exception of Frank, to whom he left Dalham and Denham with entail to his heirs and successors, together with a sum to enable him to keep up the estate.

He hoped that the bracing air of Newmarket would give him a few more years of life which would have been denied to him in the heat of South Africa, and ^before his death he strongly craved to get the fresh to"eezes of Newmarket, the while he panted his away in the stifling heat of a Cape summer, he [The revenue from the Dalston estates he be- 6 EARLY HISTORY [ch. Careless in attire, generous to a fault, and sympathetic to a supreme degree, she bore many of his characteristics.