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Stanwyck also played a role in how the part was written.

"I'm a tough old broad from Brooklyn," she told the show's producers, adding, "If you want someone to tiptoe down the Barkley staircase in crinoline and politely ask where the cattle went, get another girl."Imagine Don Rickles as Bald Eagle, the renegade son of an Indian chief.

"My Mother the Car" came in second, after "Jerry Springer." The creative team behind this sitcom included Alan Burns and James L.

Brooks, who later created "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and Chris Hayward, a writer for "Get Smart." Even so, the series—starring Jerry Van Dyke (Dick's brother) as a man whose car is the reincarnation of his dead mother—lasted only one season.

The original sitcom, with guest stars ranging from Ernest Borgnine to Johnny Carson, aired for five seasons."James Bond meets Mel Brooks. a spoof so far ahead of its time that it was turned into a movie starring Steve Carell in 2008?

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The legal prosecutor turned legal analyst, who has worked on high profile trials including O. Simpson and Casey Anthony, has teamed up with Brian […] Anne Heche and James Tupper have gone their separate ways after more than 10 years together, Us Weekly confirms.Along the way, he solves murders, confronts Communists, finds a teenage runaway and gallantly persuades women—that's Katherine Ross ("The Graduate") in the photo—not to fall in love with him.